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Sewer Service

Why am I being billed for a sewer fee from Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District? 

On June 3, 2011, the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District (WHMD) and the Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District (PBHMD) entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) that resulted in WHMD becoming the owner and sole operators of the wastewater treatment facility previously owned by PBHMD.  Included in the IGA, was a provision for WHMD to bill PBHMD residents directly for the cost of wastewater treatment.  The WHMD Board of Directors set the rates for this service.

Why do we get billed a Sewer Collection fee in addition to Woodmen Hills Metro District's fee? 

Although the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District provides and bills Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District residents for the cost of wastewater treatment, the Paint Brush Metropolitan District remains responsible for maintaining the sanitary sewer infrastructure within the District.  The District annually inspects and maintains the sanitary sewer mains and the sanitary sewer lift station.  

The purpose of the Sewer Collection Fee is to recover an equal share of fixed costs related to the District’s sanitary sewer mains and lift station from each customer. The equal share is determined by dividing the annually budgeted fixed costs by the total number of billed Single-Family Equivalent (SFE) units. The Sewer Collection Fee amount billed to a customer is determined by the SFE value of the customer’s water service size.

Who is responsible for a sewer backup on my property? 

The District will be responsible for wastewater flows and any backups that may occur in sewer main lines. The Property Owner shall remain solely responsible for any back-ups that may occur on service line. The District shall not be responsible for incidental damage, including property damage, as a result of wastewater service line backups. The District recommends that each Property Owner investigate its options with regard to insurance coverage for wastewater backups, which are not typically included in insurance policies absent a separate rider. The Property Owner shall also be responsible for any maintenance, repairs, or replacement of wastewater service lines. (Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District Rules & Regulations, Article 6.2